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What do we have to offer?

This universal enclosure is designed to accommodate any ATM on the market. Built to deter thieves, it also protects your ATM from environmental effects and inclement weather.


Developed with two (2) high security puck locks made of solid steel – you’ll be sure to rest easy knowing your investment is safe.
  • Made out of ¼ Steel & ⅜ Steel Bottom
  • Includes a ½” High Security Lexan Protective Panel
  • Features Illuminated Topper with Photo Cell
  • (2) 3” High Security Puck Locks; ½” shaft; ½” steel lock tab
  • Fits Any ATM
  • Customizable Design; Order in Any Color
  • Approx Weight: 820lbs
  • Dimensions: 27″W x 26″D x 72″H
The GT3000 Surround Drive-up/Walk-up enclosure is perfect for drive-through lanes, financial institutions, farmers markets, outside stadiums, convenience stores, campuses or any place to ensure secure access to ATM funds in a crowded or high trafficked facility.
  • Made out of ¼ Steel & ⅜ Steel Bottom
  • (2) 3” High Security Puck Locks; ½” shaft; ½” steel lock tab
  • Fits Any Wall Mounted ATM
  • Customizable Design; Order in Any Color
  • Approx weight 600lbs
The Low Security Surround was designed to fit perfectly in a tight space in the interior of a building. Developed specifically to provide a secure enclosure to a smaller unit.
  • Made out of ¼ Steel & ⅜ Steel Bottom
  • (1) 3” High Security Puck Locks; ½” shaft; ½” steel lock tab
  • Fits Any ATM
  • Customizable Design; Order in Any Color
  • Approx weight 500-600lbs
  • Dimensions: 24.5″W x 28″D x 35.5″H
The GT3000 Through-the-Wall Facia enclosure is completely customizable to any atm in any facility. This enclosure is built into the wall while still maintaining all high-security details our other enclosures provide.


A perfect solution for those looking to provide the convenience of on-the-go cash services in a secure setting in an efficient & effective way.
  • Made out of 3/16″ Steel
  • Fits Any Wall Mounted ATM
  • Customizable Design; Order in Any Color
  • Approx weight 250lbs
The Onyx W Wall Mount Surround enclosure is a smaller, more robust setup for compact spaces or areas with city ordinances or restrictions. When space is at a premium, this surround can be installed virtually anywhere including exterior and interior walls and countertops.


With more cash capacity than other units, but less invasive the installation options for this versatile ATM are only limited by your imagination.


Click here to see the unit this enclosure was designed for
  • Made out of 3/16″ Steel Throughout
  • (1) 3” High Security Puck Lock; ½” shaft; ½” steel lock tab
  • Fits Any OnyxW ATM
  • Customizable Design; Order in Any Color
  • Approx weight 220lbs
  • Dimensions: 27″W x 11″D x 20″H
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About us

With over 50 years combined experience in the ATM & payment processing industry, Gorilla ATM Security provides perfectly engineered heavy gauge steel enclosures for your high-security ATM needs.


Our company was initially developed out of client need for a secure on-the-go cash enclosure that offered merchants a custom solution while still maintaining the integrity of the facility & ATM without compromising security requirements.


We’ve done just that. We have tailored the design of our enclosures and will provide you with a quick and effective turnkey solution and installation every time. Simply put, we’re the best solution on the market for your ATM security & enclosure needs.

Your peace of mind is our peace of mind

Utilizing securing techniques used in safes and manufactured with heavy gauge steel our ATM enclosures excel in security.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Time and money is hard to replace, but we make it easy to protect.
Gorilla ATM enclosures were designed with you in mind. Having years of experience working in the ATM industry, our team knows what it takes to be a leader in ATM security.
We want to make this as easy for you as possible. Don’t be limited by the outdoors, our mobile enclosures allow security anywhere you go.

The Gorilla Difference

All Gorilla ATM Security enclosures are engineered and manufactured with heavy gauge steel and utilize no sheet metal. The luxury of our design is that there are NO seams or weak points making our products more secure than other alternatives on the market and less risk averse.


Our 3” Puck Locking system is made of solid steel, has a ½” shaft and is designed with a ½” steel lock tab making our security top notch and the best in the industry.


Whatever your ATM security needs, we’ve been there. Our custom enclosure solutions have been installed in restaurants, convenience stores, stadiums…. you name it we’ve been there.
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Raleigh, NC 27617

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