About Us
Since 2013...

Since 2013, Gorilla ATM has been providing independent ATM operators and merchants with custom security solutions for their ATM machines. With over 50 years of combined experience in the ATM industry, the team at Gorilla ATM knows what it takes to keep your machine safe.

Our story began in the Washington, DC metro area, where we owned and operated a number of independent ATMs. Following a large rash of break-ins, we were inspired to improve the security of our machines. First, we developed security enclosures for our DC area machines. Following the success of our DC enclosures, we expanded to our gas station clients and found that transactions increased by 30% when we placed the machines outside. Over time, we’ve used data and customer feedback to optimize our security surrounds for user-friendliness and safety. Having perfected our surrounds with our own machines, we began offering the product to independent ATM operators and merchants nationwide.

Our Businesses

Gorilla ATM Security’s family of businesses offer a comprehensive range of services for business owners and independent ATM operators. In addition to the top-notch ATM enclosures available for purchase from Gorilla ATM Security, our sister companies offer solutions for ATMs, credit card processing, and Bitcoin.

Carolina ATM

Carolina ATM offers a comprehensive range of ATM services. Being an independent ATM operator involves so much more than buying your machine. There’s constant monitoring and maintenance that comes with keeping your machine running smoothly. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate as a business owner, and we’re here to help!

Total Payment Solutions

Makes credit card processing simple. In addition to our inventory of credit card processing products to buy, we offer full credit card processing services that take the guesswork out of rates and fees. Whether you’re interested in the convenience of wireless and mobile processing, traditional retail processing, or online processing for your e-commerce business, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a cash discount program that helps keep your prices low and increases your bottom line!

Express BTM

Express BTM, was established as a separate independent entity to provide a complimentary,  seamless, and user-friendly service to purchase Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin exchanges, which can be very tedious, time-consuming, and confusing, our BTM Terminals allow a user-friendly interface to purchase Bitcoin instantly. Our Bitcoin ATMs let users buy Bitcoin for cash, creating a virtual wallet you can use with retailers that accept digital currency or just to invest. With BTM Express, you can feel confident about purchasing Bitcoin from start to finish with ease.

We offer a comprehensive range of custom enclosure solutions, including:

Gorilla Full Security Surround

Built tough to deter thieves, this enclosure weighs over 800 pounds and features two solid steel puck locks for extra security. Our Full Security Surround is universal and can accommodate any ATM on the market. Full Security Surrounds are also equipped with a flap to keep harsh weather out.

Gorilla Partial Security Surround

Perfect for smaller ATM units. These enclosures are built with heavy gauge steel and feature a tough steel puck lock that keeps thieves out. Our Partial Security Surround is a great choice for machines at retail establishments or other locations with machines located indoors that need additional security.

Onyx W Wall Mount Surround

If your ATM is located in a compact space, like a wall or a countertop, our Onyx W Surround will keep it safe without becoming invasive. These surrounds can be installed virtually everywhere and have more cash capacity than other units.

We also offer enclosures for high traffic walk-up or drive-through locations. All of our enclosures are made of heavy gauge steel and come equipped with a solid steel lock. For a clean, professional look that matches your facility, choose from our variety of custom color finishes.

When you’re operating an independent ATM, you deserve to have the same level of confidence and security as a financial institution. Count on us to provide you with top-level security at an affordable price. With Gorilla ATM, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe and secure.