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Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

We use half-inch concrete anchors that are six inches long. These anchors are tough enough to keep the enclosure on the ground through just about anything, even extreme weather and civil unrest.

Because our enclosures vary in size to accommodate all kinds of ATMs, they don’t all have the same weight.

Our universal Full Security Surround units weigh 820 pounds. The Drive-Through/Walk-Up units weigh 1200 pounds, and the Gorilla Partial Security Surround units weigh between 500 and 600 pounds. Our wall mounted units are lighter, with the Gorilla Onyx W weighing 250 pounds and the Gorilla Wall Mounted Facias weighing between 80 and 150 pounds.

Regardless of weight, each unit is built tough. All of our enclosures are strong enough to keep your machine – and your customers’ information – safe and secure.

We offer a full range of custom colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits the look of your business. Our most popular colors are red, blue, green, grey, and black.

Our Full Security Surround enclosure has a flap that helps to keep harsh weather outside. Our enclosures are built tough to stand up to extreme weather, including strong wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes.

Our enclosure easily withstood a tornado.

We’re proud to offer enclosures to fit nearly all ATM machines, including the most used makes and models.

Our Full Security Surround and Partial Security Surround Retail enclosures fit:

  • Genmega 2500
  • Hantle 1700W
  • Hantle 1900
  • Hantle C4000
  • Hyosung 1800 SE
  • Hyosung 1800 CE
  • Hyosung 2700 CE
  • Hyosung Halo I
  • Hyosung Halo II
  • Hyosung Force
  • Triton RL2000
  • Triton RL1600
  • Triton Traverse
  • Triton Argo

Our Full Security Surround and Partial Security Surround Financial enclosures fit:

  • Genmega G6000
  • Nautilus 5300
  • Nautilus MX5300CE
  • Triton RL5000

Our Outdoor Drive-up/Walk-up Full Security Surrounds – Retail/Financial enclosures fit:

  • Genmega GT5000
  • Genmega GT3000
  • Hantle T4000
  • Hyosung 2800T
  • Our Wall Mounted Universal Facias fit:
  • Genmega GT5000
  • Genmega GT3000
  • Hantle T4000
  • Hyosung 2800T
If you don’t see your machine on this list, or if you’re curious about a custom solution, please get in touch with us!
We’d be happy to help you find the best enclosure for your machine.